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Sacred Lotus Seed
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Several exclusive patents were issued for the Sacred Lotus (Nelumbo nucifera) seed as a natural source of methyltransferase for use in nutritional compositions and for topical application to help reduce, and even reverse, signs of aging. The patented Lotus Breakthrough is available through only one network marketing company in the world: Rejuvenetics
The Rejuvenetics brand was created to introduce revolutionary cellular rejuvenation breakthroughs to the market place. Our product lines have been formulated, developed, and maintained to the most rigorous standards over the past three decades with one critical goal in mind- To provide greater well-being through natural studies and scientific research
Revolutionary cellular rejuvenation breakthroughs
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By combining our proprietary and patented Sacred Lotus seed extract and nutrient rich Limu formulation, Rejuvenetics' products present a revolutionary marketing opportunity to those Seeking youthfulness and prosperity.
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